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    There is ISLAM but there is no MUSLIM

    Friday, December 8, 2017 @ 2:10 AM | 2 Comment [s]


              I was so touched by this topic. Why? I expected that you, dear reader is confused by what this topic is about, right? 


    But, first let us read this conversation that happened between my friend and a guy who WAS a MUSLIM

    So, guys? I guess you understand it pretty well what am I going to say.

    Yeah, by reading the conversation people will split into two way of thinking

    The first one, you will start to flashback the reality of this cruel world as been said before. You will then 'muhasabah' yourself for all our sins toward The Creator, Allah and eventually some may repent their sins and tried to change but some will repent themselves and remain where they steps. It should be 'we' not 'you. Forgive me.

    We will banned this guy for converting his religion. Which we say as 'murtad'. Seriously, we will think that he shouldn't be doing this! He is making a wrong choice. A wrong step. A wrong way of life. He is a Palestinian who is known for their best and strongest iman and jihad! Allahuakbar. This guy, his iman is not in a strong state that he falls under syaitan's trick. Yes, Muslim or should we say, human and jin has been said that their iman will goes up and down.

         So dear reader, it is not that I want you to make choice of your way of thinking towards this guy and the situation that happened. No! That's not my intention.. It's up to you guys to think your way.

         But, the one that I want to focus right now is, we as MUSLIM! Shouldn't we live a life as a real MUSLIM? Why would we want to make fun of our religion itself? Yes, indeed we were born as a MUSLIM and Mualaf has a better hold of ISLAM. We as a MUSLIM, shouldn't we be grateful to be a MUSLIM from the very start of our life? Imagine if we were not MUSLIM and wern't choose to be one? We will become the losers. So, be grateful for being a MUSLIM and live your life with a real way of life according to ISLAM. ISLAM is perfect! Islam never teach you to do the worst indeed ISLAM taught us to become a good person so that we can live in harmony and happily without war or destruction.

         We always talk about jihad, protesting the way Israel treat the MUSLIM out there but all we can do is just talk and never prepared ourselves to help them. Our brothers and sisters out there never ask for a physical help our a batalion of soldiers to help them fight with the Israel. They just want us to become a good MUSLIM, and protect our religion in our heart with all our might. 

          The MUSLIMIN out there shoul pray 5 times a day at the mosque, together as a 'jamaah'! Muslimin is insisted to do so to tighten the tie between anothe Muslim. That is our strongest weapon. When we are united, no one can defeat us! So, why just sit there and do nothing? Why does the Muslimin still pray at the house, alone, and sometimes prayed late? It is our priority to protect ISLAM!

          And MUSLIMAT! Shouldn't we cover our aurat completely as ALLAH told us to do so? Shouldn't we maintain our morality to become a good muslimah? We, as Muslimah has our own dignity to be protect! Our prophet Muhammad SAW sacrificed himself to improve our status in the society. And we should continue to protect ourselves! 

           Dear MUSLIM out there, until when do we just want to sit and watch our brothers and sisters being attacked, being killed continuosly, terribly?